Monday, 14 July 2014

Dad’s Group
Our  operations manager – Michael decided it was time for the men to set up their own stay and play group – nothing weird – no singing – just blokes looking after their own kids and enjoying a free coffee.
Terrible Two’s Group
Where has you beautiful baby gone – you are stuck with this sulky, crying child that keeps running off! You’re not alone – come and spend the afternoon with our Early Years Practitioner, Gemma, as she shares  some fun tips to survive the terrible Two’s.
Pre-School Play
Your child’s learning has suddenly picked up a pace and they are doing so much at Nursery. Gemma will spend time with you showing you some of the things they may be doing at nursery and sharing ideas for how you can support your child’s learning at home.
Job  Seekers Area (JSA)
Wow – hasn’t the world changed in 5 years - it’s virtually impossible to  apply for any job without internet access these days. So we thought some parents may find it useful to pop in and use our  laptops for an hour – the kettle will be on and their will be toys for the kids to play with – feel free to pop in.
Muslim Mum’s and Polish Parents Stay and Play Groups
Sometimes it is good to be able to speak to people in your own language. Therefore with the help of volunteers we have set up these two groups.
After School Clubs
After a day at school, why not take a few hours to have some fun and play with children from other schools in a safe friendly environment where we have loads of toys and lots to do including cooking, craft games etc